Karoti Take Range

The growing interest in fungi is due to their organoleptic properties and composition, among which are a high content of beta-glucans, glycoproteins, triterpenes, sterols, lectins and different enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Hiranyagarba Laboratory has taken ten of the best known fungi in the herbodietic sector and has created this unique range in the market by format and characteristics. Each elixir of this range includes a plant of traditional use and a vegetable, selected to support the tropism of the fungus. Its consumption can accompany the diet and healthy habits in its function of maintaining the natural balance of the organism.

The most natural and vital elixirs

Elixir Agáricus-B

Elixir Chaga

Elixir Chorei

Elixir Coprinus

Elixir Cordyceps

Elixir Kikurage

Elixir Maitake

Elixir Reishi

Elixir Shiitake

Elixir Yamabushitake