Lunar Line Elixirs

In our vision, life can be described as the interaction between two forces, which are at once opposite and in reality, just one. This range is inspired by these two basic archetypes of consciousness: Sun and Moon, Yang and Yin, Shiva and Shakti. Currently, it is composed of 18 hydroalcoholic Elixirs of innovative formulation, designed to offer our customers a unique combination of botanical species. Its use can accompany the diet and healthy habits in its function of maintaining the natural balance of the organism. The range is divided into a solar line and a lunar line.

The most natural and vital elixirs

White Gold Elixir

Ashoki Elixir

Dash Gingseng3 Elixir

Jali2 Elixir

Kasani-Liv Elixir

Methika Elixir

Shakti Elixir

SomaRasa Elixir

Yatamansi Elixir